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Woodworking can be a fun and enjoyable hobby as well as a profitable trade. Mohawk students begin woodworking in seventh grade in an introductory program that uses primarily hand tools. Many students continue their exploration of woodworking in eighth grade, learning additional skills and working on projects of increasing difficulty. High school students learn more advanced hand tool skills as well as learning how to safely use the full range of woodworking power tools. Students work on assigned projects in Beginning and Intermediate Woodshop, then have the opportunity to pursue their own projects in Advanced Woodshop under the guidance of Mohawk Woodshop Instructor, Jim Markham.

Most projects in the woodshop are made from locally harvested and milled wood. High school students learn how to mill finished boards from rough-sawn stock, and daily create durable, attractive projects from trees grown here in the Hilltowns. The Mohawk Woodshop serves approximately 250 students per year, helping them learn practical skills, confidence, teamwork, safety-mindedness and creative expression. These students not only become accomplished woodworkers, but acquire knowledge and abilities which can help them in a wide range of other professions and pursuits. The hands-on, project-based approach provides the perfect complement to the other academic disciplines here at Mohawk.

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